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Press Release

Reclaim Fingal Alliance (RFA) Response to Fingal County Councilís report on 3 Emerging sites for a new 700,000 People Equivalent (PE) sewage plant and orbital sewer in North County Dublin

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Greater Dublin Drainage

Details of Preferred Site Options 14th May 2012

Map of Preferred Site Options 14th May 2012

Irish Independent 9th January 2012

Letter from Dr James Reilly TD, Minister for Health 9th December 2011

TheJournal.ie 24th December 2011

Irish Independent 3rd December 2011

Irish Times 1st December 2011

A massive sewerage treatment plant is being considered for North County Dublin.

A lobby group "Reclaim Fingal Alliance" has been created to oppose this development. You can contact them at reclaimfingalalliance@gmail.com

Members of the Reclaim Fingal Alliance had a meeting with the minister Dr James Reilly on the 8th of December 2011. Click here to read his response.

The proposed plant by the DOE and FCC is planned to serve a population of 700,000. Our area will become the main sewerage treatment centre for all of Dublin, parts of Kildare and Meath.

May 14th 2012 3 Preferred Sites in North Fingal have been selected. They are,

· Annsbrook, Approx 10km north of Dublin airport and approximately 2.7km west of Lusk with a marine outfall in the Northern Outfall Study Area, in the vicinity of Loughshinny

·Newtowncorduff, Approx 10km north of Dublin airport and approximately 1.0km west of Lusk, with a marine outfall in the Northern Outfall Study Area, in the vicinity of Loughshinny

·Clonshagh/ Clonshaugh, Approx 2.2km east of Dublin Airport, with a marine outfall in the Southern Outfall Area, to the north east of Irelandís Eye

Click here to view a map of the preferred sites

The proposed plant should it get the go-ahead from Government will process 1,000 liters of sewerage per second. Over 40, 40ft trucks will be required to haul away the solids left after treatment every hour. Currently the Council will not say where the sludge is being disposed of but its suspected it will go to the incinerator when it is built.
The proposal can be viewed in more detail on the www.greaterdublindrainage.ie
The site would contain the water treatment plant , Outflow Pipes, and Drainage. The outflow pipes from this will be pumped into the sea over between Loughshinny and Rush.

Fingal County Council will hold their third round of non-statutory public consultation for until 6th July, to give stakeholders and the general public another opportunity to meet with the Project Team and give their views and concerns on the project. The public consultation opportunities include four Open Days, to be held in Fingal County Council headquarters in Swords on
·Wednesday, 30th May from 2pm to 8pm
·Saturday, 2nd June from 11am to 4pm
·Thursday 14th June from 2pm to 8pm
·Saturday, 16th June from 11am to 4pm

Send in your objections to the proposal to the Minister of the Environment Philip Hogan TD by email minister@environ.ie and to make submissions to the project team, info@greaterdublindrainage.ie
At a meeting in Rush last night we were urged to send letters from every member of our households.
Some of the grounds on which we objections to this can be made are:

· The overall project with an estimated cost to Govt., of 2.7 billion is not affordable and is not required infrastructure with the downturn in the economy. Instead an investment and upgrading of local sewerage treatment plants would be a far better approach. It’s also a Fairshare approach where all communities have to be responsible for their own waste.

· Why should Government invest in this type of infrastructure when Schools and Hospitals are far more important for the wellbeing of all its citizens.

· The environmental impact of this on one small area of Fingal the processing centre for this level of projected waste is appallingly unfair on its residents who have already put up with Balleally Dump, Trinity House,. It’s also strongly felt that the facility particularly on the larger site would quickly be extended to cover a million people.

· Ringsend Treatment Plant is clearly not working correctly, despite massive investment and has impacted the local residents quality of life and air. This plant is now under the control of a private company who have no responsibility social or otherwise to the community there.

· The effect on our fishing and shellfish from the outflow pipe will be to decimate the local fishing industry.

· The outfall pipe will bring vermin, mosquitoes, stench and result in serious health problems for households in the greater North County Area.

· North Fingal is the most productive horticultural area in Ireland, this will decimate that industry, shops will not want to buy vegetables grown around sewers.

· Donabate and Portrane have successfully fought of this project for their area. They formed a group called Fairshare and there is a lot of information you can use on their website also.

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